Florian Kaps presented by Vienna Business Agency

Florian Kaps aka Doc got his senses hooked on „real things“ in 2001, when he first dived into the magic of analog photography as leading manager of the Lomographic Society, developing their worldwide online community and shop platform. A fan of running into the opposite direction since his childhood, Doc, who holds a PhD in biology, reacted to the digital revolution by saving the last Polaroid production plant and founding The Impossible Project in 2009. It is thanks to his efforts, that we still have Polaroid film in our digital world today.


With the opening of SUPERSENSE in 2014, Doc made another of his dreams come true – a perfect analog delicatessen store, dedicated to analog things with an authentic story and backed by passionate artisans. The store was opened with the help of funding by the Vienna Business Agency. With lots of care and love, Florian is now sourcing, selecting and presenting analog treasures that touch all senses and make you feel a human being: From hand cut vinyl master records, a letterpress and the world’s largest instant photos, to a café, that not only enables you to taste food, sourced and processed by local producers, but also acts as a platform for exchange within the community.


Florian Kaps’ talk is presented by the Vienna Business Agency on the occasion of the upcoming funding call “Urban Food”. With “Urban Food”, the Vienna Business Agency provides up to 100,000 euros in funding per company for projects that set creative impulses for the food sector. The call is open from 1 October 2020 until 31 January 2021.


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