Forward Exchange Program 2020



Do you want to shape the 21st century?


The Forward Exchange Program is a city exchange program between Vienna and Munich aiming to connect creative professionals. After a successful edition in both cities, it returns to Vienna this October. You will get the chance to work on new approaches with creatives, industry experts and specialists across borders. Together, you will create new products and solutions inspired by the host city.


This year’s focus will be on “Urban Food & Design” . Together we will explore innovative approaches to sustainable consumption.

In a 2-hour-workshop, Florian Kaps, the founder of the Supersense Store and one of the founders of the brandnew Dogenhof Restaurant in Vienna, deals with questions such as how we can shape the future of spaces and where we are eating. It’s more far-reaching than food intake – it is becoming essential to understand correlations und impacts of our foodchain. Together we explore how to create a gastronomic USP and which role design can play in this process. Another goal of the workshop is to examine the meaning of sustainability in practice while establishing innovative user experiences.


Take the rare chance to get insights into the Mochi family, one of the most famous japanese restaurant group in Vienna. Sandra Jedliczka, the co-owner is going to introduce their philosophy, will provide some ideas referring to their approaches and also talk about their collaborations with regional design studios. Finally you are working on new concepts for the sake bomb by mochi – a treasured staple of americanized japanese restaurants.


Our guided tour with Alice Jacubasch (an expert from the Vienna Business Agency) takes us to the Zukunftshof in Vienna’s 10th district and presents best practices at the interface of creative industries and food innovation.

Andreas Gugumuck, founder of the Wiener Schneckenmanufaktur, tells how he has brought a centuries-old tradition into the 21st century.

Daniel Podmirseg from the Vertical Fam Institute will give insight into how urban production can be rethought in, on, and through architecture.

Katharina Unger, founder of Livin Farms, shows how essential design is, especially in the food sector – if the product is to encourage a change in behaviour. In addition, all three report on the creation of the Zukunftshof, a visionary project on the subject of food in which cycles, design and innovation are at the forefront.


The Forward Exchange Program is aimed at individuals and companies from the cities of Vienna and Munich who work in the fields of design, communication and multimedia, culinary arts and architecture. Each year, up to 6 places are allocated per city.


The 2-day program includes several highlights for participants:

  • Unique opportunity to get in touch with experts and like-minded professionals
  • Workshop with Supersense-founder Florian Kaps „The future of sustainable gastronomy rethought“
  • Talk and Workshop with Mochi Co-owner Sandra Jedliczka „The origin of the restaurants and the Sake Bomb“
  • Tour to 3 innovative UF&D companies
  • Full 2-day access to the Forward Festival Vienna
  • Networking events
  • Grant of travel expenses of € 100 for participants from Munich


Key facts:


– Application starts February 10th
– Application ends June 15th


The Forward Exchange Program is aimed at individuals and companies from Vienna and Munich who work in the fields of design, communication and multimedia (such as the film industry and games), culinary art and architecture.The program is open to creative people who are interested in cross-discipline collaboration and innovative work in the field of “Food & Design”.


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All the best from Vienna and Munich!
Othmar Handl and the Forward Creatives team
Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Vienna Business Agency
Jürgen Enninger, Team of Excellence for Culture and Creative Industries Munich