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Founders Lab Pitch @ Forward Festival


The Vienna Business Agency’s Founders Lab – Creative Industries program supports founders from the creative industries – from architecture, design, and music to multimedia – in their start-up plans: In the course of a two-month program encompassing workshops, individual coaching sessions, and exclusive network activities, they are working intensively on the professionalization and sustainable implementation of their projects.


The Forward Festival now offers the opportunity to get to know twelve projects from the current Founders Lab batch. In two-minute pitches, the founders present their business models and innovations in a nutshell. International speakers of the Forward Festival provide direct feedback on the pitches in order to support the projects in their further development.


The experts:

Astrid Feldner – Creative Director, Head of Bleed Vienna
Erwin Bauer – Fpunder and CEO of buero bauer
Miriam Kathrein – Creative Director, Cultural Manager



Pitches from:

Architekturfestival – The annual festival presents young and experimental architecture in spatial installations – it is an international platform for exchange, networking and inspiration.


Christina Seewald – The knitwear label Christina Seewald stands for finesse and quality. With an eye on current topics, she combines a traditional approach with modern knitting.


Festival Tycoon – Festival Tycoon is a tycoon game that combines the genres of construction strategy, real-time strategy (RTS), business simulation and music management.


Tiny Emotions – The children’s books deal with physical and psychological stress in order to create a basis for conversation between adults and children about drastic experiences.


ARX.ACE – arx.ace is a dedicated digital Architecture Center for Education that helps architects and designers to improve the skills they need to succeed.


NAKE – NAKE is a cross-media magazine for young people between 13 and 17 years, in which age-relevant topics are critically examined and processed.


Original Creative Gorillas Immersive OG – OCG is an immersive studio that deals with storytelling through virtual & mixed reality. Their current projects are Jamie & Jamie and the Missing 10 Hours.


Paradice Board Game Nights – The Paradice Board Game Bar at Yppenplatz is Vienna’s first board game bar that is 100% board game-oriented.


YOROKANI – Together with elderly people YOROKANI develops clothes that allow them to continue living a self-determined life, e.g. buttons are replaced by patented cardiac pacemaker-safe magnetic closures.


2-way-stretch sports bra – A sports bra which, due to its special material properties and the consideration of the natural shape of the breast, allows every woman an optimal fit and therefore movement without pain.


VeloConcerts – VeloConcerts has developed a mobile and foldable stage with integrated light and sound systems, which is installed on an e-bike for transport



All pitches will be held in German.



The livestream starts at 12:30 pm – watch it here: