Generative Graphic Design // Workshop by Serviceplan & Moby Digg

Design automation is shifting the way we work as creatives. We are at the intersection of design and technology — and the way we create has evolved beyond the actual output. Designers define rules, machines pose what’s possible. Our workshop focuses on a collaborative exercise where you will learn how to set up rules and frameworks to generate visual output.


Things you will learn
In our workshops, we teach the basic principles of generative design; abstraction, defining rules and interpretation. You will learn how to generate visuals with a simple, self-written algorithm and how the manipulation of different parameters can have an effect on the output.


No limits
Our goal is to get as many people engaged in generative design processes. To do that, we structured the workshops around three simple, continuous levels so everyone can feel free to explore the field gradually. No prior coding skills or experience are required.


Create together
Every workshop integrates collaborative exercises in an equally creative environment. Participants will get to create and pitch their work based on crafted and self-invented project briefs—and have some fun along the way.



Instructions for Participants

Please download and install Processing (free software: here) and carry your own laptop to the workshop.