HIEB Magazin

How do you create a magazine from scratch? How do you recreate it with every new issue without losing its identity and its readers’ interest?


HIEB is a new independent magazine from Vienna about Vienna. It is not another travel guide, but rather an extract of current topics of a city, which is both a metropolis and a village. The magazine focuses on the diverse perspectives of people living in the city and on stories that can’t be detected at first sight – written for the people living in Vienna and for everybody who would like to be. HIEB contains features and essays, interviews and portraits, opinion pieces and cartoons. The magazine is available in print only.


Stephan Göschl and Jasmin Roth from Cin Cin – initiators, publishers and heads of the editorial department – will talk about the magazine’s origin and the production of the first issue, as well as about current concepts for the next issue and the ongoing effort to challenge itself.