Streetart Insta Walk is a community founded in Spain with Branded Groups all over the world. They want to help Instagram users bring their virtual connections to the real world and help them meet each other! Instagramers Austria is the local counterpart who is open minded for new ideas and new projects all over Austria.


One of their members is Wolfgang Breyscha (@famiglia_vienna), born in Vienna in 1963 and interested in photography since early age of 10.
He is taking pictures with different gear incl. analog and digital SLR. Actual using partially a Fuji X-10 but mostly only iPhone8. Wolfgang is in organizing photo walks for the flickr community since 2008, moved to Instagramers Vienna in 2011 and since 2014, as one of the founders, community manager for Instagramers Austria, with a focus on architecture, minimal, ugly places, art and especially streetart.


While the photowalk along Viennas classical buildings you will have a focus on the different styles of streetart in the area of Donaukanal. Taking pictures and making stories without long editing procedures, rough and dirty like some of the art pieces we will pass by. Decide if you want to make static posts or to enhance your pictures making stories.


Maybe you meet also some artists painting live…


The photowalk will take place on Thursday, the 4th of April. The meeting point for the walk will be at the Gartenbaukino.


Walk: 04.04.2019 – 16:45 – Ticket

Please come 15min before the walk starts.


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