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It is the only short film festival truly deserving of its name: the Landjäger Kürzestfilm Festspiele, where exclusive films that last exactly 12 seconds can participate.


In the beginning, the founders of Landjäger Magazin Michaela Bilgeri and Johannes Scheutz created the film festival following their main magazine-goal: telling stories. The „shortest-films“ should condense stories to 12 seconds. Starting as a joke, this concept is now for the 5th time the heart of one of the most extraordinary film festivals.


Michaela und Johannes talk about how restriction can become a motor for innovative creative solutions. How different film genres work in 12 seconds. How anybody, but (unfortunately) not everybody, with a smartphone can be a good filmmaker.


And one thing’s for sure: awesome filmmakers will let you experience through their work the very best 12 seconds of your life. Come and see for yourself, when the festival founders screen the highlights of the very great art of very short films.