LETTERPRESS BASICS Workshop by Supersense

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The Letterpress Workshop by Supersense has been established to make one dream come true: to exclusively and passionately work with pure analog tools for the creation of all projects, collaborations, products, and ideas.


Located in a former printing shop in the middle of Vienna, Supersense has created a tiny but beautiful epicenter for original analog machines and tools. Investing all their time and love into exploring and upgrading old machines with the goal to produce real, warm, all-analog manufactures to love. Based on original analog principles and techniques, paying tribute to the history, culture, and knowledge of the analog printing craft.


In this workshop, you discover letterpress printing and get an insight into all the steps needed to create a large size letterpress artwork. This will be a team effort! We will design a poster, set it up from a mix of lead and wood type, mix the color by hand, and finally print it on our Korrex Berlin-Spezial 1968 proofing press.



Friday, 9. October 2020, 9 am
Duration: 3,5 hours
Costs: 135,- EUR / person incl. all materials and your own takeaway letterpress print
Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 4
Work aprons will be provided, please still dress in clothes that may get dirty
On the workshop day, participants get a 10% discount on all print products at the Supersense Shop!