Men on the Moon

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Where is User Experience Design and its industry heading? Why are we still designing and creating products that actively harm our planet? Is it still reasonable to put the consumer first while the Earth is burning and heading towards a climate catastrophe?


Julia and Martin will take a look at the legacy of UX design, it’s current state and ways on how to use it to help the planet to heal. Planet centric design is a methodology for designing products and services that do not harm the planet. We need to design processes and tools that help us navigate complexity and create better solutions for society that fit within the Earth’s boundaries. To create sustainable change, going from humans, to humanity, to thinking about the planet from a systemic, social and long-term perspective. Planet-centric design is a dramatic shift in perspective. We need to move from egoism to ecosystems.


Motm stands for holistic user experience design: From vision, strategy and design to the development of innovative digital solutions. From envisioning your digital future, to building actionable strategies to bring you there, to designing and developing top quality touchpoints, motm’s agile processes and drive makes it all possible.


She will be talking about her career so far, learning how to pivot, staying curious, the joy of getting lost, and more.


Julia Johanna Scheiber is a Vienna based art director working for menonthemoon and her own design studio. She connects disciplines between various media – from branding, strategy, illustrations to mainly all digital approaches. After her graphic design studies in Frankfurt am Main her professional career led her form Barcelona to Berlin and finally to Vienna. The main maxime of her multidisciplinary creative work are the fun and the sense for good work and forms.


Martin Oisterschek is COO of UX design agency menonthemoon in Vienna. With more than 20 years of experience in UX design, trend research and creating innovative digital solutions he keeps an eye on emerging technologies that boost efficiency and innovate business processes. Always simultaneously putting the needs of planet and people first.

In his various roles as UX designer and manager, digital product designer and innovation director he worked for clients like BMW, A1, Kapsch, Mini, Red Bull, Innsbruck Tourism, Vamed, AVL, Saubermacher, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many more in Graz, Vienna and Dubai.