Post Virtual Garden

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Hannah Neckel, also known as voidgirl79, is a new media artist from Vienna, based on the internet. Neckel is interested in how technology shapes emotion and influences the circulation of feelings. She explores the interpersonal relationship between us, our phones and thus our online lives, blending real and virtual. Claiming that the perception of reality happens through emotions, Neckel argues that there is no distinction anymore between online and offline as the emotions felt are the same in both spaces.


The human brain progressively accepts phones as being a sort of prosthetic outsourced brain connected to the body. As Baudrillard argued in 1988, when the subject is in close proximity to instantaneous images and information, in an overexposed and transparent world, it “becomes a pure screen, a pure absorption and reabsorption surface of the influent networks”. In other words, an individual in a postmodern world becomes merely an entity influenced by media, technological experience, and the hyperreal.


For Forward Festival, Neckel presents site-specific development of her project Post Virtual Garden. Neckel sees the garden as something to be nurtured and taken care of and metaphorically links the garden to curated online identities and lives behind the screen, but also algorithmic content which the more is looked at, the more it grows. Using vaporwave aesthetics is important for the artist in order to load the installation with emotional potential from nostalgia to happiness and melancholia and explore how the internet shapes emotions.