REALITIES Exhibition



How do AR, VR and MR collide with our RR (Real Reality)? The group art exhibition REALITIES asked artists to reflect on our perception of reality; how the attributes, feelings, and knowledge taken from “this” reality to “another” transform, modify, or stay the same. What happens if we merge realities and they overlap?


REALITIES is a showcase for art in augmented reality (AR). The exhibition features 25 artworks of international artists and is powered by Artivive App, which is an easy to use tool for artists to create art in AR, with the simple goal of encouraging people to get out and experience art first hand in a new and interactive way.


The exhibition was part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018 and since then was showcased in China, Lithuania and South Korea.


Curated by: Improper Walls, Oxymoron Gallery & Artivive




Andrea Zapanta Scharf (US/AT)
Asta Cink (AT)
Bogi Nagy (HU)
Denise Poote (UK )
Desmond Leung (HK)
Erli Grünzweil (AT)
Jana Kolbert (AT)
Karine Blanche Emmanuelle Séror (FR)
Kasha Potrohosh (SK)
Kyle Szostek (US)
Lilya Corneli (DE)
Mladen Stropnik (SI)
Ms Litto (AT)
Natalia Biegaj (PL)
Nathaniel Osollo (US)
Pedram Mohammadi (IR)
Roland Wegerer (AT)
Station Rose (AT)
Tauhauz (ES)
Ulrich Frey (AT)