Spotify Design // Amanda Lasnik

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Voting is one of the most important things we can do as citizens, yet hardly anything about it has caught up with our digital reality. People get chastised for not voting, but the mechanisms around it have barely changed in the past 100 years. It truly is the ultimate analog experience, and arguably one of the most important ones.


What happens when our digital expectations don’t meet the analog requirements? How do we work within these constraints when our medium is primarily digital?


This is a talk about why you need a massive digital push to get people to show up in real life. And how personal passions can translate to company initiatives if you know how to fight for what you believe in with the tools you have.


As a content and design strategist, Amanda works primarily at the intersection of design, writing, and strategy to help companies uncover untapped opportunities and design for user needs. Currently, Amanda leads UX Writing on Spotify for Artists—a tool designed for artists and their teams to make the most out of their music on Spotify.