The Mobile Video Workshop by CIN CIN

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Mobile Video Workshop
Create epic videos with your smartphone


Video is key when it comes to communication in 2020: Whether you think of your own social media activities or website (private as well as professional), Youtube or, for example, a digital marketing strategy your boss asked you about. Most of the views happen on a mobile device. This should already be kept in mind when creating your content and can be used to your advantage.


Jasmin Roth and Stephan Göschl from design studio CIN CIN condense their broad knowledge of film making to a 120 minute, hands-on workshop. Boost your video skills and learn how to produce short clips directly on your smartphone. You will get an overview of the basics of video making and learn how it is possible to record (images and audio), edit and even make some color correction on your mobile device. CIN CIN will bring various technical equipment, explain and even lend it to you for a hands-on challenge in the second half of the workshop.


To make this workshop accessible for everybody, we limit the choice of platforms to Instagram Stories, but your new skills can be applied to any other project.


Participants should bring their own smartphone and have an Instagram account.


Friday, 9. October 2020, 10:30 am
Duration: 2 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15



Foto Credit: Pamela Russmann
Portrait Credit: CIN CIN