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How social media has changed our way of travelling – and how Vienna’s tourism made it an integral part of its campaigns.


The influence of social media on tourism is a global phenomenon and its evolution has changed our everyday lives as well as our behavior while traveling. Posting photos and videos and sharing daily adventures has become an essential part of any vacation. Overrun places and Instagram hot-spots change the face of destinations worldwide and almost create an alternate reality between real places and their digital counterparts depicted online. Must-see-lists and rating platforms have caused a certain degree of homogenization among travel experiences. Many travellers plan and schedule their trips according to the ratings and opinions of total strangers online. This has led to opposite trends such as digital detox which have shown that more and more people are willing to fully embrace the small moments again and switch their phones off while travelling.


Vienna is a tourist destination that can fully relate to that. It is a city where the greatest beauty lies in the appreciation of the smallest of moments: a coffee in imperial surroundings, an intriguing painting in a famous gallery, a piece of classical music heard in the streets. Therefore Vienna strives to promote these little moments of enjoyment among its visitors. To achieve this, the Vienna Tourist Board is looking for ways to present the city, unlike any other tourism destination. With campaigns that take a stance on current societal issues related to tourism and on how we enjoy and experience a city.
The Vienna Tourist Board’s latest campaigns, ‘Unhashtag Vienna’ and “Unrating Vienna’, were part of an initiative to encourage tourists to not only see Vienna and its highlights through the lens of their smartphone camera or by checking Top-10-lists on rating platforms. The campaigns hit the zeitgeist, resonated with audiences on a global scale and brought Vienna’s powerful message to target market hotspots such as London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Hamburg as well as New York City and even Silicon Valley.


Christian Hellinger
Creative Director Wien Nord Serviceplan
Christian was born in Styria, Austria. He holds a master’s degree in Romance languages and literature as well as a bachelor’s degree in communication science at the University of Vienna, where he also teaches as an external lecturer for advertising since 2016.
In 2012 he gained a foothold in the advertising industry and joined the Viennese creative agency WIEN NORD the following year, where he began in account management but soon switched to the creative side. He serves as Creative Director since 2016 and as an agency partner since 2019. He worked, among others, for clients such as the Vienna Tourist Board, ING Austria and Opel.


Wiennord Serviceplan

The Serviceplan Group, Europe’s largest independent agency group, and Wien Nord, one of Austria’s most renowned communications agency, aim to become one of the leading agency groups in Austria. This year’s merger to form the joint “House of Communication” will create a completely new offering for the Austrian market with an integrated range of services for creation and content, media and data, technology, strategy and brand partnerships.