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Together with Wix Playground, we give away one speaker slot to two young and inspiring designers.


Do you want to be one of the Forward Festival speakers? Now is your chance!
Together with Wix Playground, for the first time ever, we are giving away a speaker slot in our line-up.


If you want to speak at the Forward Festival, all you have to do is send us your favourite project that you created in times of crisis. Two lucky aspiring designers between the age of 18 and 27 will be given the once in a lifetime chance to present their favorite project to the Forward Festival audience. Whether you’re a student, graphic designer, illustrator or UX designer – submit your work and maybe you will get the opportunity to speak among the greats of the design universe.


Wix Playground values creative education and supports young, emerging designers in their journey to build successful careers. By partnering with Forward Festival, a two-day celebration of creativity and design, they are able to support young creatives in the first steps of their career and give them a chance for the spotlight on the big stage. Learn more about opportunities to kick-start your creative career at Wix Playground Academy.


Do you want to get the chance of speaking at the Forward Festival? Apply here with your project for Berlin or Vienna!


Apply here!