Wix Playground presents Monika & Martin

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Together with Wix Playground, we gave away one speaker slot to two young and inspiring designers.


Monika Ernst is an illustrator and designer based in Vienna, currently doing her diploma at Klasse Kartak at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The interest in nature an its phenomena runs through her various projects whereby storytelling is always playing a central role. She has made it her mission, to find an individual solution for every project, which requires constant learning reinvention. As a result the shyness to ask questions faded and the belief that you can learn from everyone developed. You can see that in her work which can be seen in exhibitions, books, advertising, murals and painting. Every new technique not only brings a new challenge but also a new chance.


Ein wunder Punkt kann Wunder wirken. A wounded spot works wonders, that’s what Martin Klaffensteiners talj is all about.
Austrias health sysytem leaves the decision to vaccinate open to the individual. But vaccination is also a responsibility with social implications. Lacking awareness, misinformation and non user-friendly designed documents lead to low vaccinations rates – often far below WHO recommendations.
Digitalizing the Vaccination Certificate could potentially help people administering their own health status. Wunderpunkt is a concept design that reflects on the functions a digital health document needs to establish vaccination as a social norm.


Wix Playground values creative education and supports young, emerging designers in their journey to build successful careers. By partnering with Forward Festival, a two-day celebration of creativity and design, they are able to support young creatives in the first steps of their career and give them a chance for the spotlight on the big stage. Learn more about opportunities to kick-start your creative career at Wix Playground Academy.