Main Stage

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    Main Stage

    Inspiration is key! The most influencial creative heads from all over the world, sharing insights into their ideas. Showing you the most pressing topics in the fields of design, communication, advertising and many more. To bring you and your own ideas forward.

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      • Icon icon-brand-talk.svgBrand Talk

    Living Room Stage

    Get ahead of the curve and dig into topic-specific keynotes, as well as Brand and Student Talks, where exciting agencies, brands, local heroes and emerging students present themselves. Participate in Q&A sessions in a more intimate setting and learn from national and international experts in your creative field.

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    Forward Lab

    The Forward Lab is where the hands-on magic happens. In our workshops you’ll be able to work interactively in groups on inspiring cases and projects.

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    Apart from our three stages there is a diverse accompanying program to the festival, which takes place in various locations.

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