Swiss Game Developers Association

Games matter. Games are an integral part of our daily culture. As an exceptionally powerful medium, they are able to combine storytelling and interactivity in novel ways. With the advent of consumer grade VR devices, interactive media creators started to explore exciting new forms to tell stories in digital worlds. They do so by harnessing the unique power of the medium and by overcoming technological and cultural boundaries. In Switzerland, there are creative and technically skilled minds working with the latest technology to find innovative methods of building meaningful interactive experiences. In this talk, the Swiss Game Developers Association SGDA presents OZWE and Sycoforge, two Swiss game studios at the forefront of the development of VR games. They will talk about the creative process involved in the production of their projects as well as the importance of storytelling and interactivity for the medium and the impact on our culture as a whole.



– Michela Rimensberger, Sycoforge, Projekt: Arafinn

– Stephane Intissar, OZWE, Projekt: Anshar Online

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