“100 Beste Plakate” is an association and exhibition series presenting the best, printed posters created throughout the year in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This year’s edition was just launched in Berlin and is now moving through the DACH region and to Korea.


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The association of ‘100 Beste Plakate’ is not only putting together an exhibition but also sees itself as a society that is focusing on the high quality of printed posters in terms of content and aesthetics, Fons Hickmann, the current president of the association, explains. Since 2002, a jury consisting of frequently changing members of the graphic design world’s Who’s Who is selecting the best creations coming from the D-A-CH region. The aim of the contest is to display a carefully selected array of posters in an exhibition, and a book, without range or special awards, and to celebrate the printed poster.


Exhibition view, Kulturforum Berlin


The first exhibition of this year’s series just closed in the Kulturforum Berlin and is now moving on to the Museum Folkwang in Essen. The exact dates for the upcoming exhibitions in St.Gallen (CHF), Luzern (CHF), Seoul (KOR), Vienna (AT), Zurich (CHF), and Geneva (CHF) can be found here.


Exhibition view, Kulturforum Berlin


Every year a book for the exhibition is published and can be purchased online to help to finance the next year’s edition.


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Watch the video to learn more:



You can also visit the homepage of ‘100 Beste Plakate’ to see the archive of the past years with an intriguing selection of works.


Image 1: Studio Nicolas Schaltegger, Tanzstudio Zürich // Lauritsch Christoph, Passions of the Flesh
Image 2: Fons Hickmann M23, Kurz und Mittwoch // Hörler Simone, Humbug
Image 3: Brechbühl Erich (Mix), The Notwist // Abdallah Ismaël, BIG 2019 -3e Biennale interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève


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