Me, We - together we can.

In challenging times we need togetherness more than ever. To share thoughts, ideas and inspiration. To keep on moving. To grow together again. Imagine there is no Me. Imagine there is just We. What would be possible?
Me, We. When the great Muhammad Ali created the shortest poem in English language, he didn’t know that much later these two words perfectly fit to describe our situation in 2021: Already living the age of Me, It seems that times of lockdowns have not only confined us physically. We were also forced to focus on our egos, our Me. Were we at the brink to forget the We? The opposite was the case: we just recognised how much we missed the We!
Join our strong We at the premiere of Forward in Berlin: This Festival is going to be something really special as we will reunite the creative community with high-class talks by local and international creatives, inspiring workshops, get-togethers and super fun side-events. The first speakers are online now, stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

We’re looking forward to you!




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