Are you keeping up with the 3D world? The field that is always evolving and changing, but it has also birthed some truly incredible talents, who have been shining through the past year and a handful of whom we are featuring today. From trashy game aesthetics to glossy and lovey-dovey nostalgia, we are spotlighting the very top multidisciplinary and 3D artists who might give you a new perspective.


Mureș Nicoleta

Artist from Cluj-Napoca, Romania creates digital collages, which predict a dystopian future, where people have to deal with unreal emotions, isolation, disembodiment and the desire to consume.


(c) Mureş Nicoleta


Her projects reflect on how the Internet distorts life and the profound changes that affect humankind. She continuously observes the virtual body under different stress related situations, anxieties, fear. Her goal is to further investigate the possibilities and limitations that put the flesh, be it real or digital in the spotlight.


(c) Mureş Nicoleta



Cristian Anutoiu

An interdisciplinary artist working with installations, virtual worlds, AR and sculpture. Anutoiu works primarily with 3D software, painting, sculpture and virtual worlds. Both the virtual and physical space are used by them as a melting pot for transporting speculative and worldbuilding practices into phygitality.

Currently studying Painting & Animation Film at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Cristian is part of the collective room69, which is working with new exhibition formats media arts and installations.


(c) Christian Anutoiu



Uninspired by Current Events

A CG artist from Thailand posts daily surreal renders that are inspired by current events. Combining art and politics in a widely accessible style, the artist makes statements about the events of the day. Their work is mostly renderings of 3D models hastily assembled together in a surreal manner, similar to those of political comics, but without political figures.


(c) Uninspired by Current Events



Andreas Palfinger

An Interdisciplinary designer & artist with focus on virtual architecture, scenography and 3D. New York-based and globally active, he embraces critical and speculative approaches, articulated in time-based media, CGI, AR and VR.

His recent projects include co-creating a VR fashion show, teaching architects and designers new methods to create organic-parametric geometry, and writing, directing and producing an anti-utopian short film in Unreal Engine – with special focus on worldbuilding and digital set design.


(c) Andreas Palfinger



Jason Ebeyer

A Contemporary 3D Artist known globally for his glossy figures and sensual style of artwork. He creates both digital and physical artworks, experimenting with different techniques and materials to achieve the desired effects. His work explores themes of romanticism and eroticism, often depicting elevated figures in nostalgic environments.

Through his art, he seeks to capture and express the emotional power of these themes, creating a unique fusion of softness and intensity.


(c) Jason Ebeyer



Vincent Schwenk

He loves to create images that are purely focused on his creative pleasure. He is trying out new things, experimenting with different ideas and techniques. Through combining many 3D programs he creates even more abstract artworks that have a certain naturalness in combination with futuristic, candy-colored constructions.


(c) Vincent Schwenk




Damo images things that are located inside the unconscious and creates imperfect beings in a way that we can see. DAMO created a world where no one is complete. There we find beings who keep talking to us.


(c) Damo



Shir Pakman’s

Shir combines thoughtful concepts related to a varied set of ideas across the female gaze, canonical art, nature and humanity. Pakman brings these together into a holistic whole on the digital surfaces of her works.

Her ‘3D sculptors of fierce women on the volleyball court’ are inspired by classical sculptors. The textures are hand-painted with brushes to create a unique painting-like look.


(c) Shir Pakman


Cover credits: Mureș Nicoleta and Damo.