Live diaries, hot soup songs, waggish poems and home recordings. It all seems like just the slightest part of illustrator Jim Stoten, who likes to do things out of the ordinary.He draws all the time, thus no wonder that Jim’s illustrations have been commissioned for an impressive list of clients including MTV, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters and The Guardian. Let’s figure out through Jim’s work how he sees the world today and what’s on at the highlights of his unique visual language.

We collected some discoveries of Jim’s music and drawings to venture further into his audacious imagination.


Brain EP

Jim has just made a brand new double track! The latest sound creation which was released on June 14th brings all the possible feelings of inevitable transcendency and deeply sensual experiences. You will find more info here.



Latest collage/drawings

A Vast and intelligent mishmash of internet studies that span all possible things you can imagine. Whether it’s vintage family pics, coloring books, weird newspaper clippings or figurines of toy soldiers, the plot takes you away with its uncompromising puzzles.



A curated selection of pages from Jim’s personal sketchbooks, from the last 10 years. Within the pages are comic strips about his own thoughts, feelings and reactions to the World, poems, hand-drawn typography, song lyrics, drawings and collages. With this book comes a 3-color risograph print, a screen-printed bookmark, a hand-signed cigarette card, and a pamphlet containing a foreword by Jasper Goodall and an interview about my sketchbooks with Noel Fielding.




A selection of some of the one-off-hand-drawn illustrated Poems sent out to individuals and later turned out into a book. You can treat yourself here.


Moog Catalogue Poster

How about a trippy card game between a robot and a kitten? Large format poster and product catalog for Moog synthesizers are among the delights of Jim’s works.


“Doing music” screenprints

Within Jim’s psychedelic dreamworlds, full of toys and top hats, his characters are often playing games of making music. Here you can buy a limited edition of 5 color screenprints.



The Delightful Interlude

Jim’s digital album released by Dirty Melody Records in 2021 is three songs about Love and anxiety, written and recorded in Stoten’s studio. You can listen and buy it here.



Dada Jimbo

Jim Stoten’s Solo Exhibition in Brooklyn, New York. A collection of drawings, paintings and collages from a 3 month period, escorting you into the world of Jim’s imagination which would be definitely a fun place to live.


Jim Stoten will speak at the The Grand Lighthouse in Bad Gastein.