The inclusive works of the award-winning animator and filmmaker Anna Ginsburg embody visually rich storytelling and a fearless approach. Using the power of imagery Anna breaks societal codes and creates animations that touch upon pressing issues from politics and migration to sexuality, female empowerment and contemplation on beauty. Let’s get further into the groove if the words clitoris, pubic hair and female masturbation in an artistic way ring a bell.


Anna Ginsburg is keen on a technically precise product in order to communicate subtle human emotion. With her diverse skill set including stop motion, live-action and hand-drawn 2D animation, Anna combines her personal projects with commercials, music videos as well as teaching.



Collaborating with global brands and creatives, Anna Ginsburg moves deftly between the emotive and the playful. Alongside directing films for the BBC, CNN and the iconic department store Selfridges, she received the prestigious ADC Young Guns Award, Vimeo Staff Picks, a British Arrows award as well as BAFTA for her music video for Bombay Bicycle Club.



The film Ugly, in collaboration with London-based painter Melissa Kitty Jarram and with the poet Warsaw Shire, was another strong statement and a huge success. Released in 2019 on World Refugee’s Day, Anna tackles migration from a female refugee’s point of view and raises topics that she finds unjust in our society. This collaboration works as an extremely precise and powerful attempt to embody the refugees’ feelings into the words and clarity of visuals. The story is about the existence of a fugitive who carries a torn country and all the associated experiences in her body. The words are painful, honest, evocative and positive at the same time. In the end, the protagonist emerges stronger and triumphs over all the traumatic things that happened.



Anna Ginsburg is one of our highlight-speakers at Forward Festival in Berlin on September 22nd-23rd. Don’t miss out on her talk and get your ticket here.