Wes Anderson’s graphic designer and Forward Festival speaker Annie Atkins used her time in quarantine to share lighthearted lessons on how to get through the lockdown in a ‘fake’ poster series.

Annie’s poster series looks like it came straight out of a wartime movie. But taking a closer look, you find useful advice for your time in lockdown like how to trim your bangs, how to get visitors without infringing the regulations or simply how to pass time.



Her antique looking style, which is well known from movies like Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel or the series The Tudors gained her a large following of fans. If you are one of them, Annie has something you can look forward to: The most popular design of the Covid-19 poster series will be screenprinted and sold with all revenue being donated to the hospice which recently took care of her mother.



Annie says about her motivation behind the fundraiser: “Like so many places, [the hospice] rely[s] mostly on donations from the public, and we couldn’t have asked for better care. My heart is with the families who are now losing people at a distance. We need to all keep doing our bit and stay at home.”



The messages on the posters come from content she found on Instagram. Everything people are spending their time with at the moment – like baking sourdough bread. But the most important information stays the same on every sujet in a mantra-like manner:

“keep apart | wash your hands | call your folks
courage + solidarity + strength”



Scroll trough the whole collection on her Instagram page and feel a fresh motivation to stay home.