Looking for a truly exceptional book to inspire and captivate you? We have compiled a list of independent art bookstores, publishers, and online platforms from all around Europe. From rare finds to cutting-edge publications on design, photography and architecture. Let us guide you on your quest to find the perfect art book for your wish list.


FOMU, Antwerpen

FOMU is Antwerp’s museum of Photography which is definitely a must-see. It also has an impressive bookstore where you can find photo books or exhibition catalogs: classic and contemporary.

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do you read me?! Berlin

Nestled in the cultural heart of former East Berlin, this legendary store offers a carefully curated selection of international and independent magazines and books. Don’t miss the intelligently curated collection of specialist design and architecture books in the back.

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(c)Elisabeth Smolarz



Ofr Paris

Visit this independent Parisian bookshop for a carefully curated selection of fashion, design, architecture and diverse magazines. There is a 60m2 gallery in the back which often holds events, must-see exhibitions, and private sales.

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Artwords Bookshop, London

Artwords is a specialist in contemporary visual culture. They offer the latest publications and imported books and magazines from Europe and North America. The store covers fine art, fashion, architecture, art history, graphic design and photography. You can also find signed and rare editions there.

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Nieves Books, Zurich

Nieves is an independent publishing house based in Switzerland. Founded in 2001, Nieves’ focus is on publishing Artist Books and Zines.

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(c) Erlend Peder Kvam



Marsèll Paradise, Milan

Marsèll Paradise is a space where ideas meet contemporary culture. Conceived as a fluid platform, the ground floor is home to a curated selection of books, magazines, and independent publications. The basement hosts a series of experimental exhibitions and events with a focus on emerging young talents.

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Yvon Lambert, Paris

Bookstore, gallery and publishing house. Its team curates and displays a selection of artist books, rare and out-of-print editions and art objects.

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Tipi Bookshop, Brussels

Tipi Bookshop is a photography bookshop specializing in self-published photo books and international indie publishing imprints. The Bookshop distinguishes itself through its razor-sharp focus and unshakable support for independent publishing.

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Loose Joints, Marseille

It’s a unique publisher and design studio collaborating with artists on contemporary approaches to photography. Their bookshop Ensemble is dedicated to contemporary photography. It’s also a young dynamic art space that presents a carefully selected range of titles by independent art, alongside Loose Joints’ own books and editions.

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(c) Kingsley Ifill and Danny Fox



Void Publishing, Athens

Void is an independent publishing house dedicated to photography books and education. In their books, you will find powerful stories and innovative design, melded together with fine and experimental material.

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(c) Harris Haddon Hall



Mack Books

MACK is an independent publisher of award-winning books on visual arts. It collaborates with leading artists and cultural institutions. Their beautifully designed editions cover photography, art, literature, and critical studies.

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(c) Collier Schorr




Slanted Publishers is an internationally active publishing and media house. Since 2004, Slanted highlights international developments in design and culture. It also showcases inspiring portfolios from all over the world.

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APE, Ghent

Art Paper Editions is an independent publishing platform by design studio 6’56. APE focuses on the book as an exhibition space and makes publications in close collaboration with artists, writers, institutions, galleries, and other creatives.

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(c) Bertjan Pot



Witty Books

As an independent publishing house, it aims to promote contemporary visual arts. It focuses on the publication of books as a curatorial space, working closely with artists and designers.

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(c) Paola Jimenez Quispe


Cover: APE, Kask and Conservatory identity