Photography has always allowed artists to capture the world how they see it, to show their feelings and to raise awareness for important issues. In solidarity with Afghan artists, the Connected Archives have now established an online photography fundraiser collection with pieces by 30+ artists, where all profits are donated to help Afghan refugees.


What Afghanistan is facing now is a time no one has ever thought would come back. A time where artists, especially women artists, are not safe, if they continue to create art or have created art in these last 20 years of no Taliban. Several Afghan artists took down their social media accounts immediately and took their art off the internet – only a handful have continued to express themselves in the face of a humanitarian crisis where political rulers want to destroy all arts and culture in the country.


(c) CA Photographers: Thomas Pirat, Marc Krause


To help those in need and to show their solidarity, 32 (and counting!) artists from around the world are taking part in the Afghanistan Prints Fundraiser. The collection includes photographs from established, big names in the photography sector, like Rita Puig-Serra Costa, or Christian Werner, as well as talented newcomers, like Mattieu Croizier or Zara Pfeifer. Forward Festival Speakers Maša Stanić, and Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek also participate in the fundraiser.


(c) CA Photographers: Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Maša Stanić


An A4 high quality photo print can be bought for €50 including free shipping, and every cent of the sale will be donated: Each artist chose an humanitarian aid organization to donate the proceeds to, like the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Rainbow Railroad, Medecins sans Frontieres, or Afghanischer Frauenverein. The fundraiser runs until September 5th, and the prints will be shipped by the photographers themselves right afterwards.


(c) CA Photographers: Yannick Schuette, Jose Cuevas


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Connected Archives believes in a sustainable and solidary approach in creative production, now more than ever.


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