A couple of months ago, Artefact created an AR app for our festival. One of the functions of this app was to augment artworks you can find in our Print Magazine. Now that there’s no festival, you might not have our Print Magazine (you can order it here).

Here’s the good news: These artworks are online in our Moon Exhibition, so you can discover them from home. Find out how to do it. 


  1. Go to moonexhibition.com on your desktop to find the AR artworks
  2. Download the Forward App for iOs or Android
  3. Open the App and click on ‘SEE’
  4. Once the cube has moved, click on ‘MAGAZINE’
  5. Allow access to your camera
  6. Scan the AR artworks on your desktop
  7. Make the artworks come to life



But wait – there’s more! The Forward App also allows you to draft a 3D message in space, add a message and send this content to the Forward community as part of a collective artwork. Click here to read our interview with the app creators Artefact.