Collaboration is at the core of both, Birgit Palma’s and Daniel Triendl’s approach to design processes. The illustrators have been working together on multiple projects for magazines, albumcovers and clients like Adobe and Meta.


The design duo first collaborated during the 2017 Forward Festival, where Birgit and Daniel hosted a lettering workshop. Initially, they met during their studies in Austria. Following graduation, their ways parted — both went to work abroad for a while. After gaining experiences in agencies, they independently became self employed — Daniel in Austria and Birgit in Spain.




Even though they never lived in the same country at the same time, the latest creative tools allow Birgit and Daniel to simultaneously work on drafts, making them the perfect example for technology bringing people closer together.


Visually, abstract geometry and clear forms dominate their colorful designs. Earlier this month, they explored what speed and technology look like for Adobe’s ongoing event series Forward. Striking colors, distinct forms and icons which accompany users on a daily basis are chosen to visualize the creative flow.




When asked how they remain their individual while working so much together, they said: “We share a common bubble but still have different influences in everyday life.”
In the fith issue of Forward magazine, Birgit and Daniel talk about the difficulties and benefits of working together, how they manage to keep each other updated while working in different countries and what they cherish most of joining Forward’s Creative Network.



Get your copy here to read the full conversation, in addition to interviews with Mafia Mashi, Klemens Schillinger and more.

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