Since the year 2014 the musician Kanye West has been unhappy. The Spanish creative art studio Cool Shit couldn’t live with that anymore and made it their mission to change his state of mind. Therefore, they created a seven-meter-tall inflatable head of a grinning Kanye with the sole purpose of having you go inside and make him happy again.


Pic by Cool Shit Studio


The new installation is a reference to the internet meme titled “Sad Kayne,” as Danger Dave, part of Cool Shit who created the masterpiece, explained. “There’s this iconic photo of Kanye West, with Kim. Kim’s rock climbing, she’s in the foreground and she’s smiling, looking happy – and Kanye is just doing the thinking pose, looking down, in deep, deep, deep reflection. And the internet took that image, put it on a dolphin, on a spaceship, sent him off all around the world, and the internet made it a meme: which is the Sad Kanye Meme. And we wanted take that as a reference point, and put a positive spin on it,” he says.



The installation will be displayed at several festivals during the summer. It’s up to the festival visitors to decide just how to cheer up The College Dropout by interacting with the installation and thus giving Kanye the most unforgettable experience yet.


Pic by Cool Shit Studio


With “Happy Kanye” the art collective Cool Shit once again proofed that they are the internet in real life. Their goal has always been to make big, playful things of cultural impact and use design thinking in a way that truly engages people. A concept they also applied on other installations like “Nicolas Cage In A Cage,” another meme-inspired artwork, or their latest project “Damien Hirst Looking For Sharks.”


Pic by Cool Shit Studio


The work has been showcased in the surf of Perth’s Cottesloe Beach in Western Australia. It’s a reference to Hirst’s most impacting work in which he captured and placed a large tiger shark in formaldehyde. The artwork was later sold for 12 million US-Dollar. Considering the shark was captured on the exact same coast line, Cool Shit thought it would be fun to imagine him with his pink snorkeling gear on the hunt for his first million.


Pic by Cool Shit Studio


Danger Dave will talk at the Forward Festival 2018 in Vienna and Hamburg. In Vienna, Dave will also host a workshop teaching you how to build these awesome inflatables yourself.