In the FREITAG City Guide Lines, creatives from Zurich, Vienna, Milan and Berlin show you the secrets that make their cities compelling and inspiring. They let you know the ins and outs of their neighborhoods.




Designer and former Forward Festival speaker Eike König presents his favorite spots in the capital of Germany. He shows FREITAG where to party, where to go to the gym and where to get the best breakfast afterwards. Eike talks about great galleries and although he hesitates a bit he still reveals his favorite bar: “But if I tell you about it, everyone would want to go. Okay, it’s ‘Der Würgeengel’.”



Florian Kaps, savior of analogue technologies and founder of Supersense, shows you the hidden gems of his hometown Vienna. He not only reveals where you can get the best Wiener Schnitzel but also points out spots to escape the city life (we would write “hectic city life” but let’s face it, it’s Vienna, we are pretty laid-back anyways).



The founder of FREITAG, Daniel Freitag, walks you through the cultural hotspots of his city, Zurich. His favorite way to get around there is his bike. Daniel shows you places where you can do a range of things – from enjoying a hot summer day to solving your relationship problems. Zurich has it all.



FREITAG does not only provide you videos but also an interactive map on their website where you can see all the points the creatives recommend or tell you to stay away from. Check it out – not only to get to know a foreign city but also to discover new spots in your own neighborhood.