In the second edition of our collaboration with Sodabooks, we present you 4 new books and magazines for the autumnal season. So, get cozy with some tea, your favorite blanket and read all day.




TAPAS – Yummy, yummy magazine




The one thing we all have to do (and most of us LOVE to do) is eat. Some of us even enjoy doing it alone, with something to read next to our plate. Not too heavy, quite entertaining and beautifully designed, like it’s edible namesake, Tapas brings you lifestyle and gastronomy, prepared like a restaurant menu. If this hasn’t triggered your appetite, take a look at Tapas’ pages and we’ll assure you: You’ll be looking for a snack in 3,2,1…


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BLUE – Surf, Travel, Creative Living




This magazine is for everyone who has been claiming they “might take up surfing next year“ for the last 10 years. Worry not: BLUE will get you there, at least in your head. Its stunning pictures and stories surrounding surf culture, traveling and just creative living over all will inspire you to finally get that board, book a flight and live the rest of your life with salt in your hair and sand in places it doesn’t belong.


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Where Architects Stay In Europe




…or rather: Where ALL OF US would stay in Europe, if we had the necessary cash. This book offers a broad selection of enchanting vacation destinations whose architecture and interior design guarantee perfect holidays or, at the very least, food for thought for those miserable rainy moods in autumn that make us go „F* this, I’m booking a flight tomorrow.“. Go explore!


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KITCHEN TOKE – Cooking with Cannabis



Are you planning on hosting a dinner sometime soon and looking for something „different“ to serve your guests? Take a look at Kitchen Toke: the first magazine on cooking with cannabis. While it’s obviously great fun, this design-driven magazine is furthermore focused on exploring and understanding cannabis for recreational and medical use. So in short: Your dinner won’t just be eye-openingly funny, you’re also likely to relieve aunt Maggie from her back pains.


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