In the fourth edition of our collaboration with Sodabooks, we present you 4 new books and magazines for this spring. The perfect read to welcome the outdoor season – grab a blanket and find your spot in the sunshine.


Dog Magazine




Snorting, flat-faced fart-machine. No, we’re not talking about your ex. We’re talking about the more than adorable French Bulldog named Rocky, that is gracing the current cover of Dog Magazine. If you have one Dog-loving bone in your body there’s basically no excuse for you not to stop watching dog videos on Youtube for 5 minutes and buy this beautiful magazine. If Frenchies are not your fave, worry not, as each issue centers on a different breed, while also exploring the presence and influence of dogs and their owners on society in general. But enough of this. JUST LOOK AT THOSE EARS!
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Another Escape Magazine




In case you’re sitting at your desk, reading this magazines’ title – Another Escape – and thinking YES, then you should keep reading: However, first of all be aware that this publication is not about fancy travel destinations and cute boutique hotels. It’s rather about outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living and works as the perfect inspiration for people who consider themselves optimistic, forward-thinking and most of all responsible. If you’re still reading this and considering Another Escape, then you will be rewarded by beautiful portraits of passionate people and stunning pictures of breathtaking landscapes en masse.


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The Ultimate Sneaker Book




When Simon ‚Woody’ Wood sat down to become creative and find a way that would get him those shoes he’d been wanting but couldn’t afford, he probably didn’t expect to become the publisher of what MTV called “the most influential Sneaker-Culture Magazine on the planet”. He also most certainly didn’t expect the publishing house Taschen to one day find his life’s work important enough to dedicate a big fat golden chunk of a book to just that: ‘Sneaker Freaker – The Ultimate Sneaker Book’. This is a MUST for everyone who thinks he’s even mildly into sneakers and the culture connected to them. At € 40 it’s a steal and even if you don’t intend on reading the whole thing, you can also use it to beat people over the head with it, who think that „one doesn’t need more than 2 pairs of Sneakers“. Like, what?!


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Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie




If you are (or know) someone who always has their phone or camera at hand, filming every possible banality and finds joy in creating motion pictures as a hobby, this book is it: ‘The Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie’ gives you a 39-step guideline, that will help you make your creations look and feel more cinematic. And don’t worry about it coming across too dry: Little White Lies, a beautiful british film magazine, is known for its compelling illustrations and quotation-rich approach, which has been seamlessly modified to make this book just as much fun to read and easy to follow as the mag itself.


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