We are happy to announce our collaboration with Sodabooks. In the first edition we provide you with all the books and magazines you need for a perfect summer – whether you spend it on vacation or at home.




Broccoli – A magazine for cannabis lovers



A magazine about Cannabis and the love for it, curated by and for women, with a new approach: Observing the stoner-culture through an artistic, fashionable lens. To spread the love even easier and faster, the magazine is (almost) free of charge. You merely pay for shipping and can therefore save your hard-earned money for the joint you will definitely be enjoying while reading Broccoli.


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Salt & Wonder – Reykjavik




The makers of Salt&Wonder call their Vienna-based magazine a playground for themselves and friends around the globe: The idea is to portray creatives and businesses within the food scene with a non-commercial background, one city at a time. The second and current issue explores Reykjavik. Its clean design and soulful journalism joins the ranks of beloved and well-known magazines such as Cereal or Openhouse.


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Exquisite Mayhem – The Spectacular and Erotic World of Wrestling




Naked Women wrestling and someone who was there with a camera and the ability to press its button at just the right moment. What’s not to love? Exquisite Mayhem is a book with almost 500 photographs, picturing the intimate, rarely subtle but definitely erotic world of „apartment-wrestling“ from the 60ies and 70ies.
Brutally sexy.


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Little White Lies




The claim of this magazine is pretty straight to the point: „We believe in Truth & Movies“. Little White Lies has been committed to discussing great movies and the people who make them since 2005. Its colorful graphics and illustrations make it a fun and interesting read and will make even not so regular movie-goers re-consider their Saturday evening plans.


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