In the third edition of our collaboration with Sodabooks, we present you 4 new books and magazines for the Christmas holiday season. So, get cozy with some tea, your favorite blanket and read all day.




The History of Graphic Design, Vol 2




This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s interested in the evolution of Communication Design: The second volume of Jens Müller’s History of Graphic Design will take you through 60 years of trendsetting projects, campaigns and graphic designers. Its detailed depictions and portraits, that take you on a visual journey through changing times, easily make this book a collectors item.


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Milk Decoration Special Edition La nouvelle table




Even if you don’t speak a word of French: you won’t have trouble understanding this appetizing special edition of Milk Decoration: La nouvelle table brings you beautiful photography of set tables, yummy dishes and restaurants that will make you book a flight. The only thing left to say: Bon appetit and good luck on making corn look as sexy as Danish chef Mikkel Karstad.


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Let’s be real here: most of us humans have long forgotten, that running used to be one of our primal activities. Who really needs to run anymore to chase food or escape danger? Exactly. Nevertheless, as we spend most of our days in front of a PC, we do dream of this exhilarating feeling we used to get after a run. Runaway will remind you of the beauty of this movement and what can become possible if we turn it back into a priority. It might just make you escape your static routine and get you to chase more adventures like traveling. If Portugal comes to your mind, this magazine will be just the thing you need to get you going.


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The Weekender




Living, travel, food and nature are the main topics of the German magazine The Weekender. While you flip through the thoughtfully designed pages of this publication you will begin to wonder how to decide on where to start reading first. Our suggestion: take it from start to finish, you won’t regret it, as the stories are so versatile and colorful. Like with a good book, you’ll spend quality time with this magazine and feel a slight loss once it’s over. But worry not: the next issue will come your way in only half a year.


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