Let us introduce you to the most elegant creatures to ever float in pools: The floating Afghans.



After gifting us with the most lovable calendar since the invention of calendars: “Better Living with Alpacas“, the photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek found some new animals to cheer us up every month. Willie, Kimmie, Sierra and Noodles are all rescue dogs. The photographer captured them living their best life floating in the most picturesque swimming pools of California.



At first, Daniel tried to shoot with Dachshunds, but unfortunately they didn’t float as well as Afghan greyhounds. “Afghan greyhounds are particularly suitable for this kind of project thanks to their aerodynamic shape and elegance”, he told us.



But this elegance also comes with its downsides. The models were quite demanding on set. Just like the alpacas, the afghans couldn’t be told anything. Daniel had to adapt his way of working and wait for them to be comfortable to get in position.



Not only us, but also the photographer himself was quite surprised to find such graceful creatures at the animal shelter – but after the shooting when he got to know them and their diva-like allures he knew why! Still the Afghans radiate a certain peace, grandeur and serenity on him.



The calendar is now up for pre-order here. But hurry up, Last year’s edition sold out very quickly!