At the Atelier des Lumières you can lose yourself in fine arts through the magic of digital media. The first digital art museum in Paris aims to discover fine arts in a very modern form – through digital projections on vast walls in an old factory.




In its first exhibition, the Atelier des Lumières devotes its huge hall to Gustav Klimt and a century of Viennese paintings, including Egon Schiele and Hundertwasser. The museum also has smaller spaces for emerging artists which feature AI and digital installations.




Through a multi-sensory experience, the museum wants to capture young audiences and appeal to people who don’t visit museums regularly. 140 projectors and 50 speakers offer a futuristic and immersive approach, making it a stunning modern exhibition. All in all, 3300 square meters are covered in art at the Atelier des Lumières, which literally translates into “workshop of lights”.




Culturespaces president Bruno Monnier says to the Guardian: “People do not learn about culture as they did in the past. The practices are evolving and cultural offering must be in step with them. The marriage of art and digital technology is, in my opinion, the future of the dissemination of art among future generations.”