Team Hamburg meets Team Vienna, two teams, four artists, and two blank canvases are the setting for the digital live art battle happening at the Forward Online Festival hosted by Fritz Kola.


If we have learned something from the past year living in the midst of a pandemic, then it probably is that we can live our lives digitally. Online meetings, virtual exhibitions, digital events quickly became part of our new reality. It was back then when Secret Wars became digital. Secret Wars, born and bred in Hamburg, used to host live art battles in real life – pre-corona. Their digital concept now is: two teams of two artists have 30 minutes to paint their canvas only with black using a special software. With Magma Studio all the artists can paint simultaneously and the audience can watch them paint and vote for their favorite.



With two teams, one from Hamburg, and one from Vienna, the digital live art battle is set to happen at the Forward Online Festival.
For Team Hamburg it´s the two artists Henrik von der Lieth and Pascal Reitz competing. While Henrik focuses on sketches, animations, and loops preferably in black and white and has a very straightforward and minimalistic style, Pascal likes his illustrations a bit more colorful and grotesque.


(c) Henrik von der Lieth


(c) Pascal Rietz


Artists Simon Goritschnig and Paul Riedmüller are going to the mat for Team Vienna. Simon is a full-blooded illustrator and has worked for a wide range of clients. He mostly works with pen, ink and digital colours and loves the combination of digital and analog techniques. Paul does graffiti, and illustration and has prettified some murals in Vienna.



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Simon Goritschnig (@simon.goritschnig)



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Ein Beitrag geteilt von paul riedmüller (@paul_riedmueller)


With these four super-skilled artists, and the support of our friends Fritz Kola, the digital live art battle is set to be one for the books – digital and analog ones. Be a part of when it happens and secure your ticket for the Forward Online Festival!