Humans crave their five basic senses. While sight and hearing get covered quite well in the digital world, smell, touch and taste are often left behind.

Sometimes haptics get lost in the digital world, which is why we still enjoy analog products like print magazines. It’s not just about the look, but also about the touch and feel. That explains why we still like sketching on actual paper even though digital software gives us additional possibilities.



That’s also exactly what Jan Sapper was missing when he first used an iPad Pro and Pencil.

“The feeling of hard rubber writing on glass was awkward, and my Pencil was sliding all over the screen. I needed a solution but couldn’t find one.”

So he invented one.

His screen protectors allow the precision of paper in a paperless environment. They imitate texture, grip and even the noise of a pencil scratching on paper, making writing and drawing on your iPad.



Now artists, creators and doers all around the world are using his screen protectors. Check out works created with Paperlike on their Instagram.


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