First part of Stefanie Moshammer’s work “Each Poison, A Pillow” is a personal project on the relationship between mother and daughter, transformed into objects, videos and images. Stefanie constructs a chronological mind-map in a number of chapters within frames of her Solo Show at KOENIG2 by_robbygreif exhibited during 10 Mar – 23 Apr 2022. “Each Poison, A Pillow” is a vulnerable narrative that suggests an intense absorbing materials, blurs the perception and offers absolute complicity.


Stefanie Moshammer is a visual artist whose hybrid practice involves not just photography, but objects, found footage, and moving images. Her various bodies of work explore the mystery of the human condition, as well as the mythology of people and places, while her visual language is steeped in subtext and stories left unseen.


End of Summer, 2021.


For the show at Koenig2 Gallery Stefanie presents a 16 channel video installation and textile printed objects. The core pivotal point is a letter written by Stefanie Moshammer when she was eight years old, which functions both as a basis and at the same time as a hypernym in her work.


Untitled, 2022, Full HDVideo, loop, 1’ 21’’, color, sound. 2Video stills.


Dichotomous developments in the relationship between alcoholic mothers and their daughters evoke incomprehension and distance; Stefanie Moshammer tries to apprehend and understand both of these. Furthermore, subtly humorous mass-media references in the form of pictures and videos incorporate themselves.


1)A Study of Solving , 2022. 2)How to Stock a Home Bar, 2022.


This body of work is a work in progress. It will further be shown at the Jenisch Museum through the visual arts biennale Vevey in September, and in a large show in 2023 in Switzerland.


Untitled , 1984/2022.