Every month, the Forward Calendar brings you the most important events from our community. In contrast to regular event calendars, we don’t just collect an innumerable amount of exhibitions and conferences taking place in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Our calendar is a collection of the most inspiring events from the Forward universe. The kind of calendar that brings you forward.


Forward Festival Hamburg 2019



From July 4th to 5th the odd ones out take over Hamburg! Forward Festival Hamburg takes place at Millerntor Stadion with inspiring and exciting speakers like graphic design legends Erik Spiekermann, Mirko Borsche and David Carson, designer of Isle of Dogs Erica Dorn, paper artist Kelli Anderson and design studio Selam X. Looking forward to seeing you there!



Date: July, 4th-5th
Place: Millerntor Stadion, Hamburg
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German Design Award


The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers who are pioneers in the German and international design landscape. The aim of the competition is to promote the design-oriented economy. Participation is possible in various categories. An international jury selects the winners. The closing date for applications is 10 July 2019.



Apply until July 10th
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Black Abstraction 2019



Lecture and discussion with Adrienne Edwards (Whitney Museum New York, curator) about the color “black” and its meaning and beauty in Ellen Gallagher’s painting “Kapsalon Wonder” (which hangs in the World Exhibition). The theme evening as part of the exhibition World Exposition. Participation is included in the regular entrance fee. The theme afternoon will be held in English.



Date: July, 2nd
Place: Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich
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The Kreativwirtschaftswerkstatt is a one-day innovation camp for creative professionals. At the Kreativwirtschaftswerkstatt in Wiener Neustadt an innovation camp on the topic “Rethinking my offer with digital means” with digitization expert Thomas Layer-Wagner from Polycular awaits you.



Date: July, 1st
Place: Hilton Garden Inn, Wiener Neustadt
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Berlin Summer University of the arts


Every summer since 2012, Berlin Summer university has been opening their doors for workshops across the range of disciplines: Fine and Performing Arts, Design, Music, Creative Entrepreneurship, Arts Management, and Self-Marketing. All that in the heart of Germany’s biggest and most inspiring city. A team of passionate teachers and coaches offer a supportive environment where you can challenge yourself in creative expression and critical thinking, find your artistic voice and visual language, realise your ideas, share them with like-minded people and build up a network that will be relevant for your career.



Date: June-October 2019
Place: Universität der Künste, Berlin
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Hollenegger Design Talks 2019



Design is a key element in the development process of products; it has a sustainable impact on either success or failure. Design is not just an aesthetic discipline, but rather an economic criterion. For the fourth time in a row, the Hollenegger Design Talks will take place in July this year. Over the course of two days, it will be explored how companies handle design and how design can be integrated into existing business strategies. By discussing three (best practice) examples in detail, their key to sucessful cooperations between designers and companies will be presented.



Date: July, 2nd-3rd
Place: Schloss Hollenegg for Design, Hollenegg
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Sound on the 4th floor



Videos, audio and sound works, sound sculptures, pictures, graphics. Since 2000, the Daimler Art Collection has had its own focus on 20th and 21st century works that deal with sound/ composition/ language / rhythm in a broad sense. These will be presented for the first time in 2019 in our showroom Daimler Contemporary at Potsdamer Platz realized by the renowned artist Gerwald Rockenschraub. Admission is free.



Date: July, 7th 2019 – February, 2nd 2020
Place: Daimler Contemporary, Berlin
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