Every month, the Forward Calendar brings you the most important events from our community. In contrast to regular event calendars, we don’t just collect an innumerable amount of exhibitions and conferences taking place in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Our calendar is a collection of the most inspiring events from the Forward universe. The kind of calendar that brings you forward.


Workshop: High Performance Creativity Training



If you want to improve your skills as a creative mind, then this 1-day power workshop is for you. It will offer you a set of ideas and creativity methods from the world’s best creative minds – and you will learn how to implement them in your daily work in the future. The workshop will be led by Dieter Weidhofer.



Date: November, 21st, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Place: Grand Garage, TABAKFABRIK LINZ
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CCA Session with Chris Thaller, Head of Creative Projects Runtastic



Chris Thaller is responsible for multichannel online marketing campaigns, new partnership concepts and new creative ideas for Runtastic. As the creative brain behind “Run for the Oceans” and as a passionate creator of purposeful campaigns for the greater good, Chris funnels his creativity into multichannel online marketing campaigns, new partnership concepts and groundbreaking creative ideas.

In his talk “How Digital drives Purpose”, Chris will be sharing his key-learnings on how to use Digital to change our lives and the world for the better.



Date: November, 19th
Place: das Zimmer Wien
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KAT Webinar – live from Barcelona



How much innovation does an established event need? What do visitors expect from events? Are virtual formats the future? How can partners and sponsors be optimally integrated? How do you win them? And how can an international breakthrough be achieved with a format? Questions like these will be answered by Andrea Faroppa, responsible for Brands Relations at Sónar+D at the Webinar of the Creative Industries Austria (KAT) in cooperation with AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA and the Foreign Trade Center Barcelona. Join us for free!



Date: November, 28th, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lesbar – Typografie im Wissensvermittlung – Das Auge liest mit. Über den didaktischen Mehrwert von Typografie


The design of texts is an important task – the more complex the content, the more demanding the typography. Whether it is textbooks or worksheets – printed or digital – the text itself is always an essential part of the communication but usually there is not enough time or knowledge to deal with it in detail.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lesbar – Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung draws attention to these deficits by organising this symposium. This two-day event will focus on the benefits and the potential of typography for teachers and learners in knowledge transfer.



Date: November, 29th – 30th
Place: designforum / MuseumsQuartier MQ, Vienna
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FYI: Konferenz für Informationsdesign 2019



A day full of talks about information design and everything that comes with it. There will be a mix of specialist lectures and short presentations, an experience area to explore and a crazy, creative conference for the visitors. Nine experts will be sharing their knowledge in entertaining lectures that are far from traditional company presentations. The topics covered will include data visualization, UX design, information journalism, infographics, signalling and orientation.
Participate, talk to each other, educate yourself, broaden your horizons!



Date: November, 9th
Place: Brotfabrik, Vienna
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„The Future of Reading“ sets a focus on new opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing world of media. What is the role of print in the digital age? Which new ideas and possibilities does digital reading open up? How does it change our reading behavior? FURE creates a space for statements, visions and ideas of designers and young creatives.



Date: November, 22nd
Place: Leonardo-Campus 6, Münster
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add art Hamburg



„add art – Hamburgs Wirtschaft öffnet Türen für Kunst“ is all about entrepreneurial arts promotion in Hamburg. It will be focusing on art in company rooms. The idea is to recognize and question the significance of art for companies, to discover collection and funding concepts as well as possible ways of cooperation between companies and artists.

In cooperation with HAW Hamburg, companies who are interested but do not have their own art collection yet, have selected 13 students from the Department of Design to cooperate with.



Date: November, 21st – 24th
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Ingo Maurer was one of the most versatile light designers of our time. Whether it is paper, porcelain or plastic mice – he made everything shine bright. From light bulbs to halogen to OLEDs: he was interested in the developments and applications of technical innovations but also took a critical, sometimes even political, look at these changes. Because the quality of light was particularly important to him. Discover his works at Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum.



Date: From November, 15th
Place: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich
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