Forward Festival and Found Studio want to motivate creatives worldwide with their new clip. All the big visions, ideas, and dreams we had for 2020, let’s make them become reality!


Forward stands for a strong community that keeps on pushing, keeps on moving, and that never stops creating. A community that knows hard times can only be processed with creativity. The impact of the current crisis is challenging creatives worldwide. Lockdowns have almost silenced the art and design scene worldwide, have often put limits to creativity, and have raised problems, to which no one knows the solutions. Especially in hard times like these, it is essential to stick together – and to keep on moving forward.



That is why we have teamed up with our friends at Found Studio in London with the shared vision to create something inspiring and to motivate creatives worldwide:

“Remixing Found’s Forward Festival title sequence for 2020, this teaser bridges a gap between 2020 and 2021 with a positive, rallying cry to keep pushing forward. Sharp CG blends with hard-hitting typographic wake-up calls, to set the scene for the Forward community to listen up and stay on their top game. The in-camera optics, editing and typographic styling nods to our fresh, upcoming, and all-new concept for Forward Festival’s Main Titles, 2021 – we can’t wait.” – Helena Nattrass, Head of Marketing at Found Studio


(c) Found Studio


Doing what they do best, the London-based motion design studio created a pre-trailer for the Forward Festival 2021. The team around Creative Director Clayton Welham designed a state-of-the-art motion clip to amplify the shared vision and the spirit of Forward and Found Studio.


(c) Found Studio


We can’t wait to share this with you at the Forward Online Festival on March 12th. Let’s keep moving forward and make 2021 better together!