It’s all new and shiny: Forward Magazine Issue No. 4 is here! In 146 pages and 11 interviews with creatives like Christoph Niemann, Annie Atkins or Felipe Pantone, the magazine focuses on re-connecting creatives, as well as the challenges and opportunities of the last 18 months and their impact on creativity, design & art. The blurry times we still live in are reflected not only in the featured articles and interviews but in the whole look and feel of the magazine. Get to know the concept of the “Reconnect Issue” and get it HERE!




True, we may have gone a little crazy when coming up with the concept of our new edition of Forward Magazine. The issue emerged during lockdown when the whole world stood still and we had to quit a lot of things. We asked our favorite designers at Zwupp to come up with something playful and a little flamboyant to amend for all the sacrifices we had to make.
The “Reconnect Issue” revolves around the precarious times we live in and is reflected in the magazine’s design: Browsing through 146 pages, starting with the cover, the design plays with the topics covered in interviews and features in a witty and unique way. The cover, therefore, has a shiny rub surface indicating to always stay curious and think big; inside the magazine, transparent pages give the reader a feeling of blurriness.



To make a whole, the blurry times are the golden thread throughout the magazine. Reflecting on what impact it all has on creativity, design, and art, we asked creatives how they push forward and found answers in the interviews we led with 11 icons of the industry. The great illustrator Christoph Niemann told us how to use self-doubt to our advantage, while creatives like film designer Annie Atkins, photographer Zhonglin, or galerist Johann König made the most out of those challenging times and kicked off new projects.



As digitization has picked up full speed and has occupied even bigger parts of our (creative) lives, we asked artist Felipe Pantone how he combines an analogue past with a digitized future, talked to street-photography legend Martha Cooper about why she would never go back to analogue cameras, and interrogated Hartmut Esslinger as THE industrial designer of our times about what he sees as the next revolutionary invention of our society.



Collectiveness and collaboration were being put in focus during these blurry times highlighting the Forward-vision of a community thriving on creativity. Be a part of this community and get yourself a copy of the very pretty fourth edition of Forward Magazine!