Just 15 years ago, the FLYERALARM story began with a flyer in the garage of a Würzburg family home. Not many people know that the company is still family-owned to this day, and one of the most impressive success stories of the European printing industry.

The company’s 1.5 million customers include a number of creative thinkers: graphic designers, photographers, video producers, freelancers, fashion designers and advertising agencies.

With more than 3 million different things on offer, FLYERALARM has a wide range of products and services. In addition to classic print products, a wide variety of advertising goods, promotional items, packaging and textiles is available.

The company maintains the start-up spirit upon which it was founded. FLYERALARM is constantly expanding its product line, adding new innovations on a regular basis.

We’ve selected our favourite Printed by FLYERALARM products below >>


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