Malika Favre’s monograph has hit it’s third edition after only 3 years since being published. We invite you to take a closer look at her iconic work after meeting her in Berlin at Forward Festival.


In her own words, Malika said her work “almost like a mix of pop art and op art. A lot of very strong colors blended with quite a minimalist style.” Her work is continuously published in a variety of magazines like Vanity Fair, The New Yorker or The Washington Post, among others.




Malika has created book covers for publishing houses like Penguin Books and has collaborated with fashion brands like Couronne. In addition to her commercial work, the artist and illustrator realizes personal projects and offers prints of her artworks in her Onlineshop.



Over the years, she has developed a unique and distinguished style and became one of the most influential illustrators of our time. However, Malika stays down to earth and believes in “living before anything else”.




Her first educational path, mathematics and physics, still impacts her style: a love for geometry and a sensitivity for color combinations become visible in her well composed creations.




In the 3rd issue of our print magazine, which you can get here, you can read an exclusive interview with Malika Favre. We spoke about the beauty of analog media, how to find balance in your creative career and the advice she would give her younger self. In addition to to this conversation, the digital eyes issue features conversations with Oliviero Toscani, Jessica Walsh, Roger Ballen and more.


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