If you still need to get some of that holiday shopping done, this would be a great place to start! We’ve pulled together an epic list of creative gift ideas. Whether for your co-worker, your best friend, or yourself, we’ve got you covered. From must-have calendars, best-selling prints, 3d makeup masks to booking a performance right at your place – our gift guide is sure to spark some wishlist additions. Here are a few ideas of all the things we personally love.


3D Makeup collection

(c) Ines Alpha

Ines Alpha opens the doors to new worlds in otherworldly spaces inhabited by iridescent life forms and inhabited by holographic creatures. Merging makeup and technology, she develops a forward-thinking approach, which became her unique signature style: 3D makeup. Her last NFTs from the 3D makeup collection are available on DANAE.IO. For Ines, AR makeup isn’t just about transforming your face but also can be a stylistic accessory!



Expanded. art

(c) Esra Gülmen

From 72-hour edition drop by Esra Gülmen to cutting-age NFTs, fine art and editions by expenadet.art team presents a curated selection of art from both worlds: the traditional and the new online one. Expanded.art focuses on the history of digital art and supporting female and non-binary artists. Find out more here.



ALF, Mickey and the other dogs – Calendar 2023

(c) Ren Netherland, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek

Limited edition calendar photographed by Ren Netherland and curated by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek. ‘Repeat after me: this new year is a gift to myself and my possibilities are endless. Positive energy will bring you joy and unlock the very best version of yourself in the comfort of your own home.’



Forward Gifts

Shop your favourite Forward products including fresh Forward Magazine Issue No. 5 featuring interviews with Huangart, Daniel Triendl, Mafia Mashi and other creatives. Posters, legendary magazine issues, selected works and publications.



Kunst ab Hinterhof

(c) Ben Reyer

KAH is a platform for contemporary art with a publicly accessible archive and gallery space. The carefully curated assortment is targeted at both experienced collectors and art-interested newcomers. To make art accessible to diverse interest groups, they represent works in a variety of price categories from editions to originals on canvas.



Homesick Festival Performances

© Homesick Festival / Michikazu Matsune 2022

The festival presents a series of performances that take place in private homes. Upon booking, a pair of artists visit the homes of Vienna residents to perform in person, exploring the environment of private homes as a stage for unique encounters and shared experiences. Book the performance as a gift and invite your friends, family and neighbors!



Antony Burrill’s prints

(c)Anthony Burrill

This year’s best-selling prints are still available from the shop in two different versions. Open edition, hand-pulled screen prints, signed in pencil. Graphic artist Anthony Burrill combines a knack for simplicity that packs a punch with analog craft skills and powerful, positive messages.



HEUER HEITER Calendar 2023

Beautifully created pages by artist/photographer Susanna Hofer and the team will move you to another calendar level. Bursting with poems, decent graphic design and ceramic sculptures, it’s a gem for an eye and a perfect Christmas present! DM for reservations.



Design Tutorials and Mentorship Program

(c) SPBH

Are you a photographer working on a photographic project who needs help in taking it to the next stage? Are you working on a photo book and are looking for editing or designing help? SPBH online consultations and custom-made mentorship are here to help. A perfect kit to have a great start to the year.



Partnership editions and Wondering people

(c) Arbala

Winter drop is on! Here you can find the most exciting emerging artists and cozy winter prints. Available framed and unframed, these limited editions of 50 are the perfect gift and stocking filler. Wondering people are also offering their carefully-selected Christmas gifts, so hurry up!



Cover credits: Clare Kenny.