Photographer Kate Bellm and her husband, artist Edgar Lopez have created a one of a kind oasis where luxury and simplicity fuse into the perfect summer destination to dive into another world.


Kate Bellm attracted a lot of attention in the early 2010’s when she shook up Berlins photography scene with her way to show femininity in a raw, yet flattering and edgy way. After finishing school she moved to Paris to study photography.



Since then, she has worked for clients like Gucci, Reef, Belvedere, Audi, Fleet Ilya and House of Holland. It’s seldom the case that a creative can integrate their artistic vision in commercial projects. Kate managed to do so throughout her career. Magazines like 032c, L’Officiel, Nylon, Oyster and GQ have featured her work, while she has exhibited her artistic projects in Los Angeles, Bali and London.



After growing up in England within a hippy family, the impact of the communal, free way of life has continuously shaped Kate’s vision. Having been drawn to the spanish islands, she moved to Mallorca in 2015.



Over time, the idea to create a place for likeminded individuals grew into a concept of a small hotel, which opened it’s doors a few weeks ago. The result is breathtaking: with love to detail, an old Finca has been renovated and became a beautiful, unique piece of art on its own. Kate and Edgar teamed up with architects moredesign to bring their vision to life.



Kate’s aesthetics can be felt in the sculptural rooms. The interior design is dominated by earthy colors, the pieces chosen are blending into the architecture, while some accessories accentuate the special taste of the creators.



The restaurant, which is serving dishes made from local ingredients — some even from the garden — mirror the founders’ approach to life and hosting.



Photographs from Kate and artworks from friends are highlighting the otherwise minimal design, making Hotel Corazón a one of a kind place where art, simplicity and luxury come together.





Image Credits:
©Kate Bellm