It’s 2020, it´s corona and art becomes silent. How to make it loud again? The Area for Virtual Art knows just the way: By presenting digital and AI-based art, using the internet and its hyperlink-based nature as a new environment for exhibition and communication. The newest digital art space launches tomorrow, 9th September, within the frame of Ars Electronica!


It was in the middle of the pandemic when Vienna´s sound:frame joined forces with Cologne-based digital agency Pausanio to find answers to the corona-crisis that has affected the art world heavily. They brought the Area for Virtual Art to life within just five short months. “We all were on the same page that there really should be a space for current digital and immersive art and where people virtually can meet”, says Eva Fischer from sound:frame.


(c) Maximilian Prag


The Area for Virtual Art sees itself as a lively part of public discussion and negotiation processes. By creating new public places within the internet and its hyperlink-based nature it aims for the art community to be present, to participate in discourse, to create visibility, and build community.
The very core of the Area for Virtual Art are festivals, museums, galleries, or artist collectives, that use the space to present virtual exhibitions, discourse programs, and events. At the same time, the area also functions as a social virtual place and an open communication platform. People meet for a virtual vernissage, experience art together, or network with an international audience. Live programs and discourse formats are part of the interactive experience the Area for Virtual Art wants to offer.


(c) Maximilian Prag


With the Ars Electronica starting tomorrow, September 9th, the festival is the ideal frame to present the Area for Virtual Art. The area consists of different rooms, in which various artists present their XR, interactive, and AI-based (art) works.


(c) Martina Menegon


Just like at an actual exhibition the visitor sees the artwork and can go deeper into the topic by clicking on further links or sharing their thoughts with other visitors. The different rooms can be favored and can always be returned to. In the chat or via webcam people can talk and exchange their views.
Part of the current exhibition at The Area for Virtual Art are yanchi, who you know from our Moon Exhibition Lockdown Special, or Martina Menegon amongst others.


(c) Maximilian Prag & Marlene Kager


Ready for the ultimate virtual art experience? Be prepared for the launch and get involved here!


(c) Maximilian Prag