Can you put a price on identity? Well, if you sell it on eBay, yes.


These days, it is hard to define where one’s identity starts and where it ends. We all have multiple facades to ourselves, different social roles and – on top of that – several social media accounts. Self-expression is one of the key topics of our time and, without noticing, we put plenty of time and effort into creating and taking care of our online personas. We tweak our bios, perfect our visual language and make sure our digital ego gets the attention needed.


That being said, this is true for any person. As an artist though, you may have a personal account as well as a professional account for your work. Maybe you even have several ones for different disciplines or projects.


But what happens once you get bored of yourself? When you don’t seem to connect anymore with a part of your own identity; when you grow?
You either let it rot, you kill it or – you sell it.



This is what Giuseppe Palmisano did. His Instagram account, @iosonopipo counted 100k followers and he sold it along with its Facebook page, internet domains, eBay account, and the entire photographic archive.


“Therefore, on November 4th, 2019, I leave you Iosonopipo: 123 photos, 1615 certificates, the website, the e-mail, the social accounts.
I feel I have a thousand forms and for this reason, I had the courage to put at risk one, the most focused, that supported me in all the senses. There won’t be only one Giuseppe Palmisano, as today there have been several profiles – on instagram for example, one for each project. Some of these will continue and others will surely be born. Everything I have in mind needs a different medium, there will be performances, installations and probably still a little photography.”


Read the full statement here and check out the remaining parts of Giuseppe Palmisano’s identity