Johannes Ehemann on the magic of individuality and blurring the borders of street fashion and fine arts.



It is difficult to find an adequate description for Johannes Ehemann, as this young creative seems to feel most comfortable in the sphere of ambiguity. His life so far hints to be full of contrasts since he is a former professional ice-hockey player who is now a full-blown artist.



This makes his work even more intriguing. He started off his journey of self-expression by using streetwear as his main creative medium. Eventually, he upcycled vintage designer brands and patched them on some of the most iconic contemporary streetwear pieces. This ambivalence evident in his entire art practice, as he gracefully manages to merge urbanism with timelessness.



Now, Johannes views fashion as an extensive creative playground for his work in fine arts. He draws inspiration from them for his big-scale canvases and vice versa.



Hence, Individuality is his muse and his inspiration. A recurring theme is people, or more precisely: people with aspirations and people with stories. Therefore, creating an homage and a platform for them through his art.



One can almost feel that there are inspiring stories behind each and every one of his paintings, as they convey a sense of homeliness.


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